Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer tofu - super easy!

You can't get easier than this.

Chop the tofu into squares, and pour over a great BBQ sauce. Let it sit in the fridge if you are patient and if not, just eat it. It didn't last long in the house, I love cold tofu. I love eating it when there's a great thick sauce to pour over.

This BBQ sauce is a local sauce that WILL be coming out on the market next year. So, this is your sneak peak. It's made with maple syrup. My son had this sauce three times out of the week, and wanted it on top of everything. I had to put my foot down. How much sauce can a kid inhale?

It was so good, I had to email the creators and let them know how good it is. I still have one more flavor to try. My husband came home with these from a friend at work, who's friend is the maker of the sauce.

I love promoting local products so here is their link. Even thought this product isn't labelled vegan, there wasn't anything on their ingredient list that indicated there was any animal product in it. It's recommended to put the sauce on meat, but I let them know how good it tasted over tofu. :)

Just perfect foods


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