Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The best vegan cesar salad dressing!

This tastes exactly like the best cesar dressing I have ever had!!

I didn't realize how much I missed cesar dressing until this recipe hit me while making a side salad for dinner. 

2 tbsp of Veganniase (soy free vegannaise is an optional for those avoiding soy)
1 tbsp of Newman's own oil and vinegar dressing
sprinkle some vegan Parmesan.

** You can play around with the amount of salad dressing in the Vegannaise, depending how much flavor you want. 

You can sprinkle on the fake bacon bits or add gluten free & vegan crutons if you like.

I find the croutons from Thrifty's or Planet organic. Any place that has well stocked gluten items should have these items.

You can add nuts or seeds, or any other veggie of your choice to bulk the salad up to a meal.

Enjoy!! Yummy!!!!!   We were all very satisfied. :)