Monday, 23 July 2012

Food culture, families, and thankfulness.

I just arrived home from a 2 week vacation back East to see my family and my husband's family in Ontario and Montreal.

I have to say I was a bit anxious about the visit in terms of food. This was my second year returning to visit family being vegan, but it was the first year since discovering my son being not only dairy, but wheat and soy intolerant.

I have to say, my eating experiences were lovely. My mom, made amazing gluten free and vegan desserts and went all out with meal planning and all of our digestive and taste bud needs were meet. I was relieved to not have to stress out over food, and I didn't need to starve while at the cottage. So, thanks Mom!!! I especially loved the chickpea cookies, and vegan potato salad, the Elizabeth squares, the vegan balls, and thanks for making Tyler his gluten free vegan cupcakes. He never had to do without. :)

In Montreal I was able to cook and thanks to my sister-in-law who did some pre-arrival shopping for us, we sailed through our time in Montreal.  My sister-in-law and I made some kick ass vegan burgers together and her Dad makes vegan we had to indulge. :) We dream of opening a vegan pub in Vancouver. Maybe in our second life. :)

My decision to be vegan is a reflection of me as a person, and having family members accept and support my decision feels really good. It's not necessary, I am not asking anyone for permission, but it's just so nice to not have to feel rejected or feel like I entering a war zone when I sit down to a table to eat.

Eating is what connects and binds people. We "break bread", we celebrate with food, and have memories of food with special moments. Eating to me is one of the top priorities in life. I love good food, and I love eating with other people. Social exclusion is never my goal.

I came home after my trip and craved my vegan cheese sauce. I missed certain foods that I typically ate. It was nice to return home to a vegan stocked kitchen.

I loved most of the food I ate when I was away, I tolerated some of it. I loved seeing most of the people I visited and tolerated some of them. Hahahaha

I am so lucky!!

Enjoy your food, family, and friends. :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your meals at the cottage, I wasn't stressed out about it, so glad you were not either. Guess I will have to find out more about your Vegan Cheese Sauce before you next visit. :)
    I'm still on the Pinterest site so I'm sure we will have more vegan recipes for next time ;)
    Love Mom xoxo

  2. Nice post! I hope you guys had a good time and that we made being away from home a little easier(aside from the bed-sorry!!). I totally enjoyed making the burgers with you- they rocked! But most of all I enjoyed the time we spent together :) We miss you all
    Love San xo

  3. omg......i am so glad u tolerated me!!!
    it was wonderful spending time with the 4 of u & getting to know the kids better this year! they r absolutely wonderful!!
    glad that u had an easier time with the food this year.... u have been a very good influence with my decisions on going vegetarian. i respect your opinions & i am amazed at the amount of knowledge u have on the subject!
    luv ya.....xoxo

  4. You will all be missed. It's too bad we live so far away, but we are still never coming back. LOL

    Love to you all xoxo

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