Friday, 22 June 2012

Steaming greens. How not to create mush! Vegan and gluten free!

You can use many kinds of leafy greens and stuff them with anything you like. For example, my previous post was the meal below and I cooked it two different ways. One way in a NAPA cabbage wrap and the other way (see previous post). 

 A super easy way to steam any green is to place them on top of whatever you are cooking.

Then they are soften enough to fold and eat, and not mushy and you can watch them cook so you know when exactly you want to take them off. It can take just 1-2 min to steam the greens. Then you have a great wrap.

My favorite greens to steam are KALE and NAPA CABBAGE.

They are two kinds of green that are common in grocery stores and don't go mushy! I have a sensitive gag reflex and I hate mush.

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