Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is this Masterchef worthy? Vegan appetizer.

This is a roasted portobello mushroom with garlic vegannaise spread on top. Then basil leaves and roasted shredded yellow beets.

Using a fork and knife for this dish is highly recommended. Spread out the crispy shredded beats so that each bite you get that crispyness with the soft mushroom and sauce. Yummmmmmm

It took maybe 15 min to roast the mushroom and shredded beets.

The beets I boiled previously and was wondering what I wanted to do with them.

After I roasted everything I just mixed the Vegannaise with garlic and spread it on. (To make this soy free just make sure your Vegannaise is the soy free version). It was really quick to assemble. And the roasting wasn't work either. I made this while I was cooking dinner so it couldn't have been much work. :)

You want to get really fancy-pancy I would serve the mushroom on some raw shredded carrot or red peppers just for the colour.


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