Saturday, 5 May 2012

Why I find stir-fry's easy.

Why stir-fry's are easy for our family...

* Stir-fry's are great because they use up scrap veggies that are in small portions in your fridge.

* Also when you have a family it is most likely that everyone has a favorite veggie. This way you can throw them all together and people can pick out the ones they like.

* They are also fast to make. The actually cooking time of a stir-fry is 5-10 min, and then you don't have soggy veggies.

* There are many sauce alternatives to make stir-fry's different, and you can put them on rice, noodles, potatoes, quinoa, etc. 

* They can be one pot cooking. Add is some tofu, chickpeas and some leftover (rice/noodles/potatoes), and your done. 

* They are visually appealing.

Yet still....I hear very often from people that they don't like stir-fry's.

Any comments?


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  1. Stir-fry's are wonderful !!! So easy and always taste great!!