Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vegan Mexican food. Gluten free and soy free too!



So now who's hungry?

I think I have found my new latest obsession.

I defrosted vegan chili that I had in the freezer and mixed it with some leftover rice. I took our corn tortillas and just piled the stuff in. 

I spooned some spagetti sauce overtop and sprinkled Daiya vegan (gluten free and soy free) cheese. 

I baked it in the oven for about 30 min at 375

That got me the first kind of Enchiladas. I chopped up some fresh green onions and tomatoes and sprinkled them over top.

Then came my second variation.

I spread olive oil on both sides of the corn wrap and then layed some of the stuffing in it. Rolled them up and baked them on a pan. They needed at least 30 min to crisp-en at 375. They were soooo good.

I dipped them in vegan sour cream.

The corn wraps worked out amazingly well. My corn wraps had a gluten free label on the bag.  They are a blank canvas. You can stuff them with anything.



  1. Let me shout and say YUMMMM! OMG feel like having it now. hehe

  2. I admit, it is as good as it looks :) happy cooking!