Sunday, 6 May 2012

Easy vegan and gluten free dessert

A couple of weeks ago my daughter fell in love with these rolled dates in coconut. They were pre-made in a package and I wanted to try and make them.

So, I put a bunch of dates in my magic bullet and that didn't sound too good.

I am always looking for the easier way of doing things...and I found it!

Rolled dates

1. Buy a package of dates and coconut flakes. (sweetened/unsweetened up to you)

2. They are easy to ripe apart with your fingers and then just smush pieces together to the size that you want. They are very sticky, so forming them is very easy.

3. Roll in the coconut flakes

That's it. :)

Dates are very sweet. I can't eat more than 2. They are also filling.

These are great to keep in the fridge for those who have a sweet tooth, and you want something quick to grab a need for sweets. 


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