Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beets - Sweet and with kick. Easy side dish or snack.

I find that keeping a cold grain or bean salad very helpful. It's something It's a quick protein that I can just add to any meal or eat as a snack. Having cold veggies are just as important to keep in the fridge and sliced carrots or celery are boring. So....enter beets.


1 beet
1 tbsp of horseradish
1 tbsp of maple syrup

1. Boil the beets until soft and cut into cubes. (you can peel the skin if you like)
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients and keep in the fridge for when you want them.

This is super easy to make and beets are very filling. I like the mixture of the sweetness from thy syrup and the kick from the horseradish.

This side dish will add colour and interest to any meal.

For the kids - just leave out the horseradish, they will love the syrup taste. :)


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