Saturday, 14 April 2012

Gluten free, Soy free, Vegan Pizza

This is called progress.

When I first started making gluten free pizza's on our Friday nights. I had 4 types of cheese.

Husband - cow cheese
Son - Goat cheese
Daughter - Soy cheese (still having cow protein in it)
Myself - Vegan cheese

My son would also have cut up hot dog on his pizza because he couldn't eat the vegan pepperoni (wheat and soy).

Now, all of us are eating the vegan cheese (wheat and soy free), no hot dogs, he has mushrooms instead, and this is a truly vegan pizza. Yes!

I can now count on our family eating at least one vegan meal a week. Friday night is our pizza night.

The pizza bread crust is...

 I get it from The Real Canadian Superstore. I always stock up on this item.

The vegan cheese is Daiya cheese.

 Then just load up on veggies.

The pizza sauce just came out of a pizza sauce jar. 


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