Friday, 20 April 2012

coconut snack, gluten free and vegan.

i am having keyboard problems and my caps button doesn't work. so i am not just in the mood to be anti-capital letters today.

on to business...

these are a coconut snack. it doen't say it's gluten free on the package, but i looked at the package and there is nothing in there that is wheat. the flour is tapioca flour. they have many different flavors so read the ingredients.

tyler when he saw these at first refused to try them, but after seeing me eat them a couple times, he now loves them. warning for those with kids, this is a kind of snack to be eaten either outside or at the kitchen table. they are flaky, and that is my code word for messy. but yummy. 

for the people who like tea or coffee, these make a great gluten free, vegan, tea/coffee biscuit. they are sweet and light.

this is what the package looks like.

i got these at save-on-foods and they were cheap. i remember them being under 2 dollars.


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