Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wheat free and vegan apple pie. 

I am not a baker. In fact baking drives me crazy and I have little patience for it. My kids are dessert deprived. However, when my 4 yer old son asked me for pie I couldn't' say no.

I had rice pastry in the freezer. This pastry I found at Choices and it is rice pastry with no dairy and no eggs. I tried using it for another recipe and my meal completely flopped and got converted into something else, which was a success. Anyways, the point is that I had leftover rice pastry in the freezer. So I went to work.

I didn't follow a recipe I made this from memory watching my Mother make apple pie every time she came to visit us.

I was quite impressed with myself and wish you could all taste it and give me pat on the back. I hope you enjoy the photo because dessert photos are rare.

I followed the directions on the pre-made dough. I had to bake it before I put anything in it. From my first experience I found out why. :) 

1) I peeled and sliced up apples very thinly
2) I cooked them with maple syrup, Earth balance, and cinnamon. (I didn't measure I just poured and tasted)
* At this point the house smelt lovely!

Then I made the topping

This is gluten free granola with raisins warmed up with Earth balance margarine, and brown sugar.

I think just combined the three parts. Brought out the cooked dough from the oven.
Poured in the apple mixture
Topped with the topping and I was done.


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