Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pesto Pasta

Pesto Pasta with Rice Noodles, Tofu and Mixed Veggies

There is a few things to note with this meal

1) These are rice noodles
2) The pesto mix is from the health food isle from The Canadian Superstore and is dairy free
3) There are pine nuts in this meal that can be taken out
4) Tofu can be supplemented for another protein
5) You can put in any veggies you like
6) My kids loved this meal!!

This meal is pretty easy. I made it on a night when I didn't have much time.

1) I fried up some veggies, pine nuts, and tofu in vegetable stock and pesto mix while the pot was boiling and cooking the pasta.
2) I then joined the two parts together and added a bit more of the pesto mix and some olive oil
3) You can then add bacon bits and Parmesan cheese if you like

My kids ate leftover meat from the night before, due to the soy intolerance and daughter's dislike for cubed tofu.


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