Monday, 26 March 2012

Kids lunches

Seeing this makes me feel so happy.

This is one of my kids lunch thermos. When I take apart their lunch at the end of the day and I see that they have eaten everything, there is this feeling of satisfaction, and contentment. When I open it up and 3/4 of it is still full I panic. Where they hungry all day at school? Did something happen at lunch? Were they too anxious to eat? Didn't they like what I made them?

What craziness all over food. My kids eat and eat and eat. It's like they have holes in their legs. So when they don't eat....I wonder why.

My kids favorite foods for lunch are:

noodles/rice and meat/veggie meat

My kids like variety but they also like consistency with the things they do like. 

- Flavored rice with chicken/meatloaf balls
-Spaghetti and meat sauce - what they have today
- Noodles and cheese

Most of the time I can take our leftovers and turn it into lunch for them. Sometimes I am making lunch from scratch at 9pm at night.

All to obtain the coveted picture above.



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