Sunday, 11 March 2012

A kid friendly vegan meal

This is a vegan burger with boiled carrots. I offered to put Earth balance margarine on their carrots, but the kids just wanted to eat them plain.

The bun is a normal bun that you would buy in a store, it just doesn't have any milk or eggs in it.

You can also make some french fries.

To make super yummy fries...

Cut them up very thinly.

Bake them on a pan and rub them with oil. Leave them on the pan until they are easy to lift off. Don't try and lift them from the pan if they are stuck, or they will break in half. Especially thin ones. 

My daughter ate her whole vegan burger, carrots, and some fries.

This is one vegan meal that even meat eaters think is yummy.


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