Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jewish latkes - gluten free & vegan

These are to die for...I am not even going to tell you how many I ate.

These are the best Latkes I have ever made.

My son, who never eats them, ate 4. My daughter ate 2, and both my husband and I had seconds...ok...thirds!

Step One: Grate peeled potatoes. Any kind will do. Even sweet potato...even zucchini

 Put the grated potato into a bowl
 Add gluten free bread cumbs, egg substitute, Italian spices and some oil.  Honestly, I just dump stuff in. I don't measure. It's by eye, but this is what it looks like. You can add as much of it as you want. I think the more the better.

 I got this Italian spice mix from Costco.

These are gluten free bread crumbs. I got them from Choices, but I have seen them in other grocery stores.

My Mom got this egg replacer from the States. I don't really know if works yet. I have tried it in some recipes and it works and then in others it doesn't.  You can use flax seed as an egg replacer as well.

 Then fry them in a bit of oil.'s the trick. Don't move them.  Because they are vegan there is no egg in them. Let them cook until the are brown on the outsides. Like below...then pick the pan up and swish them around and see if they move. Then you can flip them over.

Then they will look like this...



  1. am always here, but still wonder, need egg free, gluten, soy and others, you have given me numerous ideas, but am so food shy

  2. latkes don't need eggs in them. they are a great filler, you wont feel like you have an empty stomach after these. :) i encourage you to give them a try, or any other recipes. i have burnt food lots of times!! Just keep going. :)