Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to cook for kids with food intolerance's. Crazy!

Yesterday was another interesting dinner night at the Block house.

This is what I need to juggle:

Husband- Vegetarian - and picky when it comes to his tastes. He knows what he likes and it's not variety

Daughter- cannot digest dairy
Son - cannot digest dairy, wheat, and soy.

Myself- vegan with a wheat intolerance.

So, let the games begin! This is how the meal went.

My children had leftover spaghetti in their thermos at school and my husband has leftover spaghetti for lunch, but I didn't. So for dinner I had the rest of the leftover spaghetti.

I put some vegan cheese on it, and fresh parsley. These noodles are also rice noodles. So this meal is gluten free and vegan. (I put canned navy beans in the spaghetti sauce for my protein. Just rinse and drain the beans. Much faster than cooking beef)

I should also mention that at the start of my cooking, I put some asparagus in the oven to roast. A super easy way to make veggies that you don't need to pay attention to.

My daughter loved these. When my son was little we would tell him that he was a dinosaur and these were the trees. Then we'd sing the "I am a hungry hungry herbivore" song from the show called The Dinosaur Train on PBS. It worked.

Also at the start of the meal I put rice in the rice cooker.

So I have got asparagus and rice cooking, which require little to no attention. I have already dished out my meal on a plate and is waiting to go in the microwave.

Now onto the other 3.

I had already defrosted some leftover taco veggie meat, and wheat wraps from the freezer. They were sitting on the counter waiting for my attention. So my husband and my daughter had veggie tacco's with wheat wraps, soy cheese, and lettuce. With the rice and asparagus too.

My son cannot digest wheat, dairy or soy. So for this little guy I made him his favorite. Shrimp and mushrooms to put over the rice.

However, here comes the problem.

Having a leftover night when you clean up the fridge or freezer is great. You save money, you aren't wasting food, and part of your cooking is already done for you.

However......I have a little boy who is now looking at his Daddy and sister eating something that he can't.

I thought by cooking him shrimp, which he hasn't eaten in months, he would be content. But it wasn't enough of a distraction. He started crying saying he wanted some too. So I pulled out some leftover spaghetti meat sauce for 2 nights ago and put some in a bowl. He ate 2 mouth fulls and then went back to inhaling his shrimp. I can't even count how many mouthfuls he ate. I made extra wanting leftover for him for lunch and to freeze, but all I have left are leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. He didn't want to eat the beef, he just wanted to eat the same thing that everyone else is eating.

Myself being vegan the kids are used to seeing me eat something different. And it's not uncommon on a leftover night that we are all eating different things anyways. But now that he understands he CAN'T eat something, it sometimes becomes the very thing that he wants.

He gets frustrated with not being able to eat certain things.

I do my best to make sure he has a gluten free option for everything that is served on the table, but some nights it doesn't happen. And the reality is that he will need to adjust to always seeing people eat things that he can't. It will be a part of his life. It's impossible for me to run 10 steps ahead of all of his life experiences and modify them so that he feels "normal" with his eating. 

I am just happy that he loves to cook and has such an interest in food.  I am sure he will be quite the cook when he is older. Watch out ladies. :)


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