Monday, 19 March 2012

Freezing food and Roasted Kale

So last night we unexpectedly came home late from a trip to Science World here in Vancouver. The kids had a great time.

So, I needed a super quick meal when we got home.

I choose veggie burgers with raw carrots, and rice pasta.

However....Tyler can't eat veggie burgers and I don't have time to defrost beef and start making patties out of it. idea.

Now what..

I scramble through my freezer looking for ideas so that we can all eat one thing and I wont have to cook 2 or 3 different meals.


I find already cooked meatloaf patties that I made in a muffin pan. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Veggie burgers and his beef burger were made in a jiffy.

Life happens. Life cannot be so scheduled that everything happens according to plan. For that very reason, having stock of meals and cake/treats for any child with an allergy or intolerance is crucial.

Get a good food saver that you like, and stock up. It will make life so much easier!

The meal was made is such a hurry that I only took pictures of the roasted kale.

I didn't even bother to rip it up into small pieces, no time. I rubbed them with a bit of sesame seed oil, and sea salt and threw them into the oven on high - 425 for 20min. They roasted while I cooked the rest of the meal and when I was done cooking they were done too. Perfect timing. 

They were so crunchy and lovely. Yum. They were on sale at Choices too. Even better. :) $1.50 for a big bunch.


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  1. LOVE roasted Kale, except down here in Daytona I can buy it already broken up into bit size pieces....bonus ;)