Monday, 20 February 2012

Winter salad - chopped

This is a cabbage and carrot salad with cilantro and cooked sweet potato cubes.

I wouldn't say this was fabulous, but it was pretty good. I actually prefer the cabbage to be sliced than chopped. It was filling, I'll tell you that. I asked my kids if they wanted to try it and I got the "look" of, are you kidding me?

They had a gluten free version of macaroni and cheese. I'd show you a picture, but Tyler hates it when I take pictures of his food. I am working on it. :) Anyways....

 I used my food processor to chop up the carrot and cabbage.

Added some vegannaise until it was smooth and then the chopped cilantro.
I was also cooking sweet potato to keep in the fridge as a base food, so I decided to add that to the cold salad. It was pretty good. The sweet potato of course was yummy, I love sweet potato.


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