Saturday, 25 February 2012

CHEESE and dairy free kids

Think of meals that kids like to eat...


Grilled cheese

You get the idea. Most of the favourites have CHEESE in them.

What do you do when your children cannot digest dairy?

 My husband uses the toffuti cheese slices for grilled cheese

My son likes the goat block cheese below. There is a cheddar block option as well.

Some soy cheeses you need to be careful of because they still have cow protein in it called casein.
 This is my fav cheese.

 It's vegan and soy free so Tyler can still pick food off my plate. :)

This is the cream cheese. Very yummy.

 Sour cream. Dairy free.
These products are my favourite. For people who have been eating dairy for years you will notice a taste difference but admit it's very close. For children growing up on dairy alternatives, it's yummy and they'll never know the difference.

There are also lots of ice cream alternatives, and dessert alternatives. Explore the freezer isles of your grocery store. These items are not stocked in large quantities so you need to leave the kiddies at home so you have time to really explore and hunt for the items.


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  1. My daughter has a genetic disorder where she can't break down proteins which leaves her to grow up being a vegan not eating any meat, seafood also no dairy or soy so I am glad to have come across your blog and will follow it closely!!!!