Friday, 17 February 2012

A tale of two meals

This is Tahini. It is sesame paste.

It is in many vegan recipes because it is a source of calcium, protein, vitamin E, and B vitamins.  It is also high in calories like peanut butter or butter.

If you want to make your own hummus, you will need to add Tahini.

I add it to my stir-fry's from time to time.

My husband had a vegetarian dish, which doesn't happen often in our house.  He mostly eats vegan along with me. Here is his dish.

 Rice noodles with an alfredo sauce with fresh parsley and peppers.  Being becoming vegan alfredo sauce tasted and smelt good to me. But a couple of months after being vegan alfredo sauce started to stink to me. Now I think it smells like something nasty.  It's amazing how our body changes.

This is my complete meal. I used my easy noodle dish, with a leftover vegan burger, and guacamole.


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