Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Some like it hot, some like it cold

Vegan chili is gluten free, soy free, nut free, meat free....what else is it free of?

Chili is great to make a big batch up and keep in smaller portions in your freezer. For days that turn upside down and now you need a fast dish, just re-heat it in a pot. You can pour it over pasta, rice, bread, roasted root veggies.

You can also eat it hot or cold as a dip. Pour it over nacho chips for an appetizer. The ideas are endless. Plus it's a cheaper and healthier way to eat. There are lots of variations of chili on the Internet.

Most recipes have this as a base:

A variety of beans
A large can of diced tomatoes
Chili powder

And then the rest is when the variations kick in. It's really a meal idea you can get creative with.

I ate the chili last night with pasta and broccoli, stumps and all. Don't want to throw food out. The kids ate the same pasta but with chicken in a gluten free pesto sauce, with carrots and broccoli. David ate tofu in the pesto sauce with the same pasta.

So I made one big batch of pasta. The chili was easy because it came out of the freezer. The broccoli stumps and carrots were boiled and then broccoli tops were added in at the end so that they wouldn't get mushy. Meanwhile the chicken and tofu were cooked separately. It sounds busy, but last nights meal was pretty manageable. And there were leftovers for Alex's lunch. Tyler ate everything on his plate, veggies and all, and then ate more chicken.  I swear it's like he has holes in his legs. I can't imagine him as a teenager. I sure hope this meal planning business takes off. :)


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