Friday, 10 February 2012

Rice wrap - I need to practice my skills

Gluten free & Vegan. 

This is raw veggies with sushi rice wrapped in a rice wrap. I have had these at Granville Island and enjoyed them. So I tried them at home. Mine aren't as pretty...yet!

I have learned I need to wrap it tighter.
 This is the other side do you can see what was inside.

Green onions, cilantro, purple cabbage, sushi rice, carrots - thinly sliced

I added soy beans as my protein and had two different dipping sauces. One was a chili sauce meant for spring rolls, and the other one was soy sauce wish some wasabi in it.

It was yummy. Make sure your rice is cool when you put it in the wrap. The rice wrap is thin and tears easily.

 First I chopped everything up very thinly.

 Next the sushi rice cooked in the rice cooker and the soy beans steamed in the steamer basket on top.

When the rice cooled and I wrapped it up and ate it! I'll have to practice my wrapping skills, but not to bad for a first attempt.


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