Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Vegan Nacho Salad

Last night I made 2 versions of a nacho salad. One that was gluten free and the other that used vegan "meat" so it had soy and wheat in it.

2 hours after the meal my husband and I were hungry, so I would suggest adding rice to this meal.

You can add salsa on top of this meal, or avocado, or vegan sour cream. My husband doesn't like tomatoes so this is his meal that is minus the tomatoes.

The cheese is the daiya cheese that is dairy and soy free.

For the kids they had beef - grass feed from a local farmer. See my local page on my website to get info on our beef.

This meal is supper easy:

Make a salad and mix in corn tortilla chips or the taco shells crumbled up.

 Cook the beef or vegan "meat' in a taco spice. You can also just add a chili spice if you like.

Then toss together

Melt the cheese, and add any extra sauce that you like.  Done.

My kids ate the salad part too, but if your kids don't like salad you can not mix it together and just offer it in separate groups. 

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