Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sweet potato noodles vs. cornstarch noodles

So last night I had a noodle cook off. I had one noodle dish that was a chili Thai sauce. That was the sweet potato dish below.

Below are the cornstarch noodles with a soy based sauce.

The winner with me and the kids were definitely the sweet potato starch noodles. The kids really like eating them, and they can't help but play with them while they eat. They are just so stretchy.

I still have dry cornstarch noodles left so I will have to experiment with them and see what else I can do with them.

Buying rice noodles, or other type of gluten free noodles from Asian supermarkets are CHEAP. Compared with the rice noodles that are more Italian or Western style, which are pretty expensive, I was able to buy them in bulk and got 4 big bags of noodles for under $10. Thank you T&T.

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