Monday, 2 January 2012

Skin - a sign of health

So for anyone who watches The Magic School bus you will have learnt how what we eat effects the cells in our body that produce our skin. Our skin is a reflection of our health.

So today I enjoyed my husbands Christmas present and went to have a facial at my favourite spa. I have gone at least once or twice a year since coming to Vancouver. Every time at some point they bring this dentist like light and examine my skin. The feedback has always been dry. My skin is too dry and I had oily patches. I get asked if I am using their products. I say no. They ask me how many times I exfoliate my skin. I say...never. My last visit was last year May 8th. That was my first day of being vegan.

This visit, this is the feedback I got. No joke. "The texture of your skin is amazing. have excellent skin. Wow. Your skin is the perfect balance, not too dry or oily. Wow. Wow." I think she said wow, 5 times. Then she said, "I guess you are using our products. There is nothing to do here. Let's move on." (I am not using their products. My face cream comes out of a tub that I got for 10 bucks at shopper's drug mart by no brand that anyone would know of.) Back in May after 2 weeks of no animal products in my system, I started noticing my skin changing and thought I was going crazy. Until a couple days later I got asked for ID at the liquor store.

Plants equal heatlh, and it doesn't come from a bottle, it comes from the ground. Thank you local farmers.

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