Monday, 16 January 2012

A quick lunch for me. What about you?

 When I don't have any leftovers and no time or aren't in the mood to cook anything, this is one of my easy lunches, guacamole with gluten free crackers.

The crackers are vegan and gluten free. I get them from Costco. I forget the name of them...I recycled the box already..ugh.  If anyone knows what they are called, please comment. They are very yummy, and also beautiful to look at.

So first I start with a ripe avocado. They will be a dark colour and soft when they are ripe and I slice it down the middle and squeeze it all out.

My special ingredient which makes this so addictive is the product below that I buy at the Burnaby Farmers Market. I LOVE this stuff. I stock up in the summer so I can last through the winter. I ran out last year and when I saw it on the shelf in Choices I gasped in the aisle and bought 3.  The people who make this stuff from scratch are very friendly and lovely as well. It's so nice talking to the people who actually make the food. They have pride written all over their face. 

I mix the sauce 

 And done. How easy was that?

 This can be put on top of salads, taco's, veggie burgers, burritos, used as a dipping sauce for various proteins.Get creative!

This is what my daughter ate. She had rice noodles with leftover spaghetti sauce made with ground vegan "meat". It was a package from my freezer. Whenever I make sauces I make large quantities and then freeze them in smaller quantities using my food saver. It makes lunches on the weekend and school lunches much easier. They are a great fall back option.

My son who can't have vegetarian alternatives because of the wheat and soy intolerance had the same rice noodles but with a Kraft dinner cheese pouch and wheat-free hotdogs.

With all of the cooking I am doing, you can understand now why I need easy meal options for me. :)

My husband had the spaghetti sauce with my daughter with his leftover wheat egg noodles that he made during the week.

There are times when we can all eat the same thing, and there are more times when we are all eating something different.  I guess it's good practice for Tyler. Most times in his life he will be eating something different than his friends. It makes me feel sad sometimes thinking about that reality, but I try and focus on how healthy and pain-free he is and that he loves cooking and enjoys his food, so what more can you ask for.



  1. It's very good that Tyler likes to cook his food,and he can make his favorite meals :) Even if he is only 4 years old LOL

  2. Those look like Mary's Gone Crackers. Love them!

    1. Yes, they look like Mary's. I love them, too! I get them at Costco, Loblaws and health food stores!

  3. Thanks Karen and twocupsoflove. :)