Friday, 13 January 2012

Mommy...these taste like french fries.

So this bean mix is so easy. It's salsa and taco spice. The bulk sizes of salsa and taco mix came from Costco. (Read the taco ingredients for wheat). I cooked the beans from a dry bag, but really you could just use canned beans. A very easy protein. This also tastes good cold as a dip.

David liked taking taco chips and scooping them up that way. 

You could also put some cheese on top. Yummy!

These were also really easy. A big part of easy cooking is buying interesting ingredients. These rainbow carrots came from Choices. I put just a bit of oil on them with the mushrooms and pearl onions with my favourite veggie spice and roasted them in the oven. Because the carrots are so thin they baked in 30 min on 425.

The kids and I just dove in and used our hands to pick up the carrots and eat them. Alex said they tasted like french fries. Alex...the girl who doesn't like soft food, who hates cooked carrots, that Alex. I know... I tried not to look shocked when she said that to me. When you cook the carrots, don't stir them around too much on the baking sheet so they can get a crispy side. This is a good meal to shove in the oven when you first get home so you can focus on everything else you need to be doing.


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