Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Let's see....what do we have here

Last night was a night of using whatever I had in the fridge, freezer and pantry. I think I pulled together a pretty decent meal.

I already had leftover rice and broccoli in the fridge. So that was the easy part. The crispy lentil yummyness was fried in a bit of oil and it took maybe 20 seconds per sheet. They puff up pretty quickly.

This time I got a brand that had a symbol on it I have never seen before. It says: A symbol of Women's strength. Interesting.

The main dish that I actually did cook was a vegan curry sauce from the Burnaby Farmer's Market that I still had frozen in my freezer. So I tossed in unused tofu from Sunday's meal and a sweet potato.


Vegan curry sauce
Chopped sweet potato
Coconut milk
Fresh parsley

I let is simmer for 20 min until the potato was soft.

The kids ate butter chicken but I used a dry spice with some chicken I had previously boiled and used my food saver to keep in the freezer. I just defrosted the chicken, added some coconut milk, and the spice and that was it.

 I like this mix because it's convenient and I can control the spice level.

Here's there chicken.

I put some veggie samosas in the oven too, just in case the curry tofu mix was a flop. I felt like I had enough food to feed a convention of picky-eaters. Everything was a hit, and we have leftovers that will get eaten up pretty quickly.


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