Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Kiddies and Veggies

My kids do pretty well with veggies. Tyler loves mushrooms and corn and does well with carrots and broccoli. Alex loves peppers and corn and does well with carrots and broccoli. Everything else is a wait and see and depends on the day.

Last night though Tyler ate 5 parsnip strips and Alex really liked the cabbage dish I made. Not too bad.

Below is the parsnips with the potatoes. Roasted with a bit of oil and a dried veggie spice.

I tried baking shredded zucchini thinking it would get crispy, but it just turned to mush. I'll have to experiment more with this one.

I also had raw carrots as a back up veggie just in case everything was a disaster. They ate those too. It was a pretty good night of expanding their tastes. Tyler had the gluten free spring rolls (which I also need to add that you should use more than one layer of rice paper). Alex had the wheat spring rolls from Cosco.

What veggies do your kids like?


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  1. I'm pretty lucky , all my kids like their veggies :) Asparagus, squash, brussel sprouts, you name it, they usually eat it, Gabe, not soo much tough, alot of coaxing needed