Friday, 6 January 2012

Easy, yummy potatoes

To make this simple easy yummy comforting dish...

Fry leek in 1 tsp of oil and keep adding water as it cooks.

Let it sit for a bit until you see some brown in the pan then add a bit of water. The water will cook off quickly and just keep going until the leek are soft.

While you are cooking the leek, boil potatoes. I prefer to leave the skin on. It adds colour, texture and important nutrients to your food. Once the potatoes are soft, DON"T DRAIN THEM, just scoop them out of the pot and add them to the pan with another tsp of oil and stir. Cook on high and keep adding the water from your potato pot.

In the last 2 min of your cooking add my new favourite spice. It is packed with flavour.

And then you get...


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