Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dinner cooking interrupted

Usually I start cooking dinner at 5pm. However, yesterday I was picking up my daughter from a play-date at 5pm and knew that when we got home she was going to be ready to eat. So, I put some sweet potatoes to roast in the oven before I left and steamed some veggies and Edamame when we got home. The kids ate leftovers which they scarfed down. That was a fried rice with chicken, peas, and green beans dish that I made earlier in the week.

This is what I ate:

The roasted sweet potatoes were just covered with a bit of oil and roasted in the oven. I cut them up in small cubes so they would bake quickly. Roast potatoes bake quicker than any other kind of potato. The white sauce is a vegan mayo called Vegannaise and I mixed it with garlic.

Later I cooked the stumps of the broccoli to mix with broccoli soup I have made before and is frozen in the freezer. I used the water I cooked the broccoli in as well to save the nutrients and flavour from the broccoli. It's also a money save tip, and who wants to waste food?

These can also be used to fry later or dip in a cheese sauce. They are quite tasty once they are soft enough to eat.


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