Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Amazing gluten free vegan spring rolls

First, I feel very proud of myself for making spring rolls. This is my second attempt. My first attempt ended in a soggy mess, but this time I aced it. So here is the journey of my gluten free vegan spring rolls.

First I got Rice paper from the Canadian Super Store.  I was able to find a package that had directions in English. They said to soak the rice paper with a towel for 5 min, but I found an easier trick.

This is what it looks like pre soaking.

This is what it looks like after. It's pretty stretchy. But as you can see, it can tare. If anyone has had the rice wraps at Granville Island, this is the same thing that they wrap the veggies in to dip.

This is what I found to be easier. Instead of soaking on a plate with a towel which made a huge mess, and I think it made them too soggy. With the towel covering them I couldn't see when they were ready. So I just sat them in cold water in a pan and left them in for about 2 min. It was much easier!!

So the picture below is what I used to fill the rice paper. This was a complete experiment. I used stuff I already had in the fridge.I put shredded carrots, Shredded cabbage - but Asian cabbage, a little shake of rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, and some dried veggies spices. The amount of what I put in I have no idea because I didn't measure anything. It smelt so good cooking.

This is the wrapping part. I rolled the top over, tucked in the sides and kept on rolling.

I then baked them in the oven at 425 C for about 20 min. I put a little bit of oil on top and flipped them half way.

We now have gluten free vegan spring rolls. Now that I have done this once, this is a pretty easy dish. Yeah!!


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  1. Kim, they look very yummy. I remember eating some at Granville with you, but bet yours are tastier. You should be putting all these into a cook book, and publishing it :)