Saturday, 21 January 2012


So I was cooking last night and I was using up the soy cheese that we have. My husband and daughter have adapted to vegan cheese and I wanted to get rid of the soy cheese in our house. (My son cannot digest soy cheese, and soy cheese has cow protein in it.)

I grated the cheese and left it on the counter. I left for just a minute and came back to see my son scarfing down the soy cheese. AAAHH!

"Tyler! That is soy cheese!"

He freezes and slowly puts it back on the bamboo cutting board. He looks at me with a worried expression. I give him a hug and look to examine how much of it he has eaten. I figure 2/3 4year old handfuls of soy cheese.

Our evening carries on uneventful until bedtime. He is now flopping around like a fish out of water and he complained that his tummy hurt. wow, I think...from only a bit of soy cheese.

It's hard to have separate food items in a house when someone has an allergy or food intolerance. My son and I cannot digest wheat. All of our food staples are 90% gluten free. My husband and daughter still like wheat bread. My daughter gets the occasional wheat treat in her lunch at school. But now we are done with the soy cheese. One less thing to keep track of in the house.

I am sure I am not alone in the experiences of running a kitchen in military fashion, I guess I need to add security.


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  1. I can jus imagine the look on Tyler's will be sure to not have any "bad cheese" around when he is at the cottage :)