Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lunch at the mall - Gluten free and vegan

Hello Everyone,

Today Tyler and I were at the mall while our van was getting a new set of tires. So, we were having lunch at the mall in the food court, and believe it or not, I got gluten free vegan food that was yummy and under 8 bucks. I went to Thai Express at Lougheed and asked if they had anything vegan. The woman said...vegan what is that? like vegetarian? I said yes, but no eggs or dairy. So she said they had vegetarian Phad Thai with tofu and they just wouldn't add the eggs. So, that's what I got. It was yummy yummy. The noodles they had were rice noodles, so not only vegan but gluten free.  I have to say in my experiences restaurants and food court fast food places are very accomodating. They just want you there buying their food, so if they don't have to add egg it's no skin of their back. Restaurants don't mind switching noodle meals for rice instead. You just have to ask. Don't just accept what they have. You need inquire and some restaurants will even create you things that aren't even on the menu. So speak up and enjoy your food.

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