Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In the news...awareness is growing

Wow, is awareness ever changing. When I was learning about how our food system works there was maybe 3 books on the topic. Now when I go to Chapters there is 3 or 4 shelves with 6 or 7 different authors with books on the topic. They also have published The China Study from the movie Forks and Knives and is now available from purchase from Chapters.

Today in the news:

1. Scientist link obesity to scarring in brain
2. Vending machines offer healthy options
3. Cooking with kids means quality time, food
4. Plenty to beef about

and yesterday...Eco-labelled farm fish offer little environmental benefit, University of Victoria study concludes

Look up
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I recommend the book stuffed and starved to anyone who wants to learn more about the food system. Warning, it's quite depressing and you'll never want to eat again.

And on that note....Enjoy!

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