Monday, 26 December 2011

Gluten free pastry shells

Pastry shells are wheat, and I haven't found a gluten free version or a recipe for gluten free pastry....yet. But I am on it.

We had veggie burgers recently and since Tyler can't eat them, he can't eat soy and wheat, then he had a beef burger. We order our beef from our local farmers market and the cows are grass fed and raised naturally. I highly recommend supporting small farms. It feels good, and the quality in the meat is quite stunning. We had some leftover ground beef and I wanted to use that up. So I added an egg with gluten free bread crumbs and I made him a beef muffin that I cut in half to create his burger in a gluten free bun.

It worked. He enjoyed it.

Muffin pans can be used for all sorts of gluten free versions of things, that require shells or pastry. If anyone has a great gluten free pastry recipe please share.


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