Thursday, 1 December 2011

Flax Seed - Many uses

Flax seed is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibre, or so it says on it's packaging. It also says it's gluten free and nut free. Great! It also makes me think of the marketing of food and how companies have caught on and now label items with what they don't have in them instead of what they do have  in them. Which brings up topics of food labelling, the food industry and why are so many people having digestive problems. But I will not be going down that rabbit hole today.

I am just talking about Flax seed because I am making gluten free pizza dough (the best one is from Bob's Red Mill, I think) and I add flax seed in it as an egg replacer so it's vegan.

Flax seed is great to always keep in the fridge and add it to anything you like. Yogurt, cerealy, salads, soups, etc. It's also handy for those who run out of eggs and bake and only realize this last minute. 2 tbsp of flax seed and 6 tbsp of water will replace 2 eggs.

Enjoy your dinners everyone!

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  1. I read that recently about flax replacing eggs in recipes. I have not tried it yet but will, to see if it changes the texture.