Monday, 5 December 2011

Experimenting with food

When I go the grocery store I try and buy something new and figure out how to cook with it. This week I bought smoke flavor and celery root. Last week it was bok choy, and a cornbread mix that is gluten free. I made it yesterday and Tyler liked it. Bok choy steamed is really good. The stem part I used as a spoon to put chickpea curry on it and rice. It kind of tasted a bit like celery. I am sure they are from the same family. I'll have to do some food research. Today I am tired both kids were up in the night. Tyler is still have stomach problems at night. They are much improved, but there is still something that he is reacting to. AT one point I wondered if oranges were to acidic for him, or maybe it's corn. I can't figure it out.  I am drinking coffee right now with Hazelnut soy creamer, and maple syrup.

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