Sunday, 18 December 2011

Coconut cheese...not here yet, but you can make your own

So I was talking with Cheryl from Choices from the 10th ave in New West location and I asked her if they were going to start to carry coconut cheese. She took my phone number and told me she would look into it and get back to her. She called around to her supplies and asked around. Unfortunately no one has heard of coconut cheese. (I heard about it from a friend who is from the US) So, the news is that it took a while for coconut yogurt to get into Canada due to labelling issues, but if I wanted to the store to stock anything I could bring in a package and they would try and stock it. I thought wow, cool. :)

I found this on goggle on how to make your own coconut cheese. I am sure there are lots of recipes out there to make all sorts of non-dairy cheeses:

This post of from Yahoo Answers:

You can make non-dairy cheese out of soy, oats, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, rice, and hempseed, so why not coconut milk? I think the biggest challenge would be that coconut has a very strong, distinctive taste, which doesn't lend itself to the fermented flavor of cheese. But you can make yogurt and kefir from coconut, so it would be an interesting experiment.

Oh, but wait! It looks like it's already been done! I just found this post on a message board:

"Mozzerella, Provolone, Parmesean... Chameleon White Coconut Cheese
Just learned this one today from Koalani, one of my very best friends, while we were feasting on coconuts. Since we've been back down in Miami the two of us have been eating fresh finds daily, and after a few weeks finally have taken the time to "prepare" some of the meat first.

What you will need:
Some coconut meat straight from the shell (not dehydrated)
Dash of sea salt
Cold Pressed Olive Oil (very very little is needed)
optional: pinch of fresh thyme (or other fresh herb, experiment )

First I shred the coconut using the large holes of a cheese grator. A food processor will likely do the trick also, but without quite the same "shredded cheese-like" effect.

Place the coconut into a container and add a drop or two of olive oil. Coconut is already so oily you do not need but a tad for flavor. Sprinkle a dash of celtic or himmalayan salt and mix vigorously. Add a tiny bit of fresh herbs if you would like an "herbed" cheese effect. Your Done !

I was eating it by itself at first, then put some into fresh spinach leaves and ate them rolled up, then ran home and made zuchinni pasta and fresh raw basil and put my new-found "parmesean" on top of my lovely raw pesto pasta. This cheese can be any white shredded cheese you want it to be!

Thank you Koalani and the Coconut Palm in Tavernier this delightful concotion came from."

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