Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fast plant food

Last night for dinner I boiled cubed potatos, with the skin on, and steamed frozen green beans. I made a glaze sauce for the green beans that had slivered almonds in it. But really for an easy meal skip the glaze. Just put a vegan margarine (ours is also soy free) ontop of the potatos, and green beans, add some salt and pepper. Then I took a big spoonful of garlic hummus and added that to my plate. I dipped my buttery potatos into the hummus. It was simple, delicious, and great comfort food. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, and vegan.  Happy planet, happy me.

For those of you who are interested. David and Alex ate vegetarian breaded "chicken"-wheat and soy. I took leftover chicken and breaded it with gluten free bread cumbs for Tyler so that his food looked like David's and Alex's. The potatos and green beans we all had. This meal was easier than the tacos. :)

For those of you who like to make vegetable stock keep the water from the potatos. Just put it in the freezer for when you are ready. You can use it to add to soups. When you boil vegetable I read that some of the vitamins are lost in the water. So keep the water!

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