Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The best vegan cesar salad dressing!

This tastes exactly like the best cesar dressing I have ever had!!

I didn't realize how much I missed cesar dressing until this recipe hit me while making a side salad for dinner. 

2 tbsp of Veganniase (soy free vegannaise is an optional for those avoiding soy)
1 tbsp of Newman's own oil and vinegar dressing
sprinkle some vegan Parmesan.

** You can play around with the amount of salad dressing in the Vegannaise, depending how much flavor you want. 

You can sprinkle on the fake bacon bits or add gluten free & vegan crutons if you like.

I find the croutons from Thrifty's or Planet organic. Any place that has well stocked gluten items should have these items.

You can add nuts or seeds, or any other veggie of your choice to bulk the salad up to a meal.

Enjoy!! Yummy!!!!!   We were all very satisfied. :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Scrambled tofu

This is a great dish to use up leftover potatoes.

1 pkg of tofu or nuts/seeds/lentils/chickpeas
2 tbsp of olive oil/coconut oil
1-2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp of sea salt
1 tsp of any spices you like (basil/parsley/oregano/sage)
veggies of your choice (mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, broccoli, carrots) Just cut them up in small pieces

1. Fry up the tofu with the oil, garlic, salt, and spices for 2-4 min
2. Add in the veggies Cook for another 5 min
3. Add the potatoes and cook again for another couple minutes until warm

Add vegan cheese if you like.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vegan root vegetable ideas (gluten free and soy free)

This is acorn squash.

I baked it in the oven on 350F for an hour and scooped out the insides. I was doing this during a lazy Sunday morning. Then oven is doing the work not me. :)

Then when I was ready to do something with it, I purred it in my magic bullet with some maple syrup and almond milk.

I stuck some parsley in there just to class is up. :)

I would serve this with other roasted veggies as a dipping sauce, or with pickled beets. You could also dip warm bread in this, make this into a soup.

It's nice to have different textures when you eat.

This really took no time at all, and it was just a matter of doing different parts of the cooking when I had time.

The leaves are changing in my area and I have this beautiful tree that turns bright red just outside our bedroom windows. This morning I noticed we have one whole branch that is red. I love the fall!


Monday, 17 September 2012

Vegan pizza party!!

My daughter had a birthday party with vegan dinner and cupcakes. Not only does she have one friend who is vegan, but another friend cannot eat eggs, and another friend cannot eat dairy. So, vegan food includes everyone.

Below is my daughter's request for wheat pizza as well with Daiya cheese on it. She had 5 friends over and all of the 5 friends liked the cheese. So, it was a success. 

My son who cannot eat wheat, dairy, and soy had his own gluten free pizza with Daiya cheese. I didn't have the energy to be making two different doughs both from scratch so I bought him Udi's already made pizza crust, and he likes it so he was happy.

Here is the dough. This was killer dough. It was amazing and the big tip out of this was I put in a bit more yeast than what it asked for, and I gave it LOTS of time to rise. It's been a long time since I have made wheat pizza dough. I am so used to gluten free pizza dough. But this was fun!

3 1/2 cups of flour
2 tbsp of active dry yeast
2 tsp of salt
1/4 cup of oil
1 1/2 cup of hot water

1.  Put the active dry yeast in 1 1/2 cups of warm to hot water and let it sit for at least 10 min
2.  Mix the water with the flour and and oil
3. Add in the salt
4. Stir and then need with your hands. Take your rings off and get right in there. It's fun.
5. Let it sit for 2 hours until it doubles in size. (This is key for chewy bread)
*** You can make the dough in advance and then freeze it or keep it in your fridge
5. When you put it on a pan you don't need to roll it with a pin, just push it out with your fingers and the dough will spread. 

This is what it looks like while I am needing it. You may need to add some flour or water as you go to perfect the texture. 

The dough at the end will look like this

I sprinkled garlic powder and Italian spices on it before I put the pizza sauce on.

Put your sauce on and then any cheese or toppings you like.

The pizza then needs to be in the oven on 500 degrees F and will take about 30 min.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Kid friendly vegan snack (gluten and soy free)

These are balls of peanut butter, gluten free rice crisps, and shredded coconut. (I put sprinkles on them to insure they would be eaten) The kids think these are dessert. :)

I mixed them all up and shapped them into balls with two spoons.

Then freeze....about 10 min. I actually keep them in the freezer and pull them out right when they want to eat them. They are cold but still easy to eat.

They loved them!

Very simple, no bake snack.

These are vegan, gluten free, soy free but certainly not nut free. Feel free to experiment with different nut or seed butters.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Seaweed, a healthy snack. Vegan, gluten free and soy free.

A great snack!

These I eat either as a snack or I use them to put balls of sushi rice in them and make easy single serving sushi balls. I use up leftover veggies that way too.

You can get them in all different flavors. These ones that have squares large enough to stuff them with rice and veggies I get from Cosco. They come in a big box.  

This info is from http://www.envirohealthtech.com/sea_vegetation.htm

Sea vegetables provide all 56 minerals and trace elements required for your body's physiological functions in quantities greatly exceeding those of land plants. 


Calcium (for skeletal health, heart health, nervous system function)
Magnesium (activates enzymatic activity, essential for heart health)
Potassium (naturally prevents high blood pressure, provides cellular energy)
Sodium (essential for the correct balance of body fluids - our internal "ocean")
Iron (as hemoglobin, transports and distributes oxygen to all your cells)
Iodine (thyroid health)
Chromium (works with insulin to regulate blood sugar)
Copper (protects nerve sheaths, builds supple arteries, required for iron absorption)
●  Absorbs and naturally reduces or eliminates radioactive elements and heavy metal contaminants from our bodies.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Cheesy rice and bean dish. (Vegan, gluten free, and soy free)

Yesterday was my son's first day of kindergarten. I took so many pictures that I ran out of batteries when it came to taking a picture of my dinner.

So here is the one picture I was able to snap before I camera of rechargeable batteries shut down.

Before we get down to the meal, for the Mom's of the group, I cried when I dropped him off. I stood there alone and realized I walking home by myself. My little sports boy was off to school. Who would obsessively beg me to take them to driving range? Or want to play tennis with me for 2 hours? Or tell me my pitch needed some improvement?  Anyways, I am ready to move onto the next stage of life. 2 kids in school. eeek.

This means two things. One, the summer is over and I am back to blogging regularly. Two, next time I will have batteries in my camera. At least until gymnastics and soccer starts. :)

The kid version of the meal I'll have to describe.

So this dinner is brown rice, canned mixed beans, salsa, salt, pepper, Daiya cheese and broccoli.

After this picture I put the food in the pan, which is cast iron, and put it in the oven on broil. The cheese bubbles, and will get crispy on the outside. Yum. 

What inspired a cheesy rice dish was the person who I happened to meet on my street. I am outside playing with my kids before dinner and a man with his children walk by with their dog. He works for Daiya foods. I couldn't believe it! Cool! So, of course I had to make something cheesy.

The kids version didn't have the spicy salsa, it had Earth balance margarine, baby corn (which they LOVE), and broccoli with melted cheese. My son had 3 servings of it, and my daughter had 2. Not bad! My son cannot digest beans along with lots of other things, so the kids had leftover organic chicken.

As you can imagine there was lots of chatter around the table talking about school. I have leftovers now for my lunch, and leftovers for my kids lunch in their thermos. 

Now for the next dinner. Tomorrow's Friday so that means....PIZZA!!!! (Gluten free and vegan of course!)

Enjoy everyone!